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Creso Pharma is developing:

  • Human health and animal health advanced products, based on proprietary innovative delivery technologies, through Creso Switzerland,
  • Hemp-derived extracts, oils and proteins, through Hemp Industries.

All Creso Pharma products are produced according to the highest quality standards. Creso Pharma's therapeutic products are developed and manufactured against GMP quality standards and registration with competent health authorities will guarantee end-users access to high-quality, safe products with standardised dosage strengths.

Creso Pharma is focusing on delivery technologies that are well suited to the optimal delivery of cannabinoids - in particular of CBD-rich, full-plant extracts. These proprietary technologies will enable Creso Pharma to develop and commericalise therapeutic products with enhanced absorption and bioavailabilty, and in dosage forms that are attractive to patients and consumers.

Among the technologies currently developed, INNutri Soft Gums™ are innovative, non-animal derived gums allowing buccal absorption of the cannabinoids (via the lining of the cheek). Creso Pharma’s innovative products based on INNUtri Soft Gum™ technology are suited to all age groups and accommodate many dietary requirements.


Other proprietary product technologies currently being explored include BioLingus and Glatt.


Glatt Pharmaceutical Technology Platform