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Glatt Pharmaceutical Technology Platform

Creso Pharma, in partnership with Glatt Pharmaceutical Services (Germany), will develop highly bioavailable enteric-coated tablets based on Syloid® XDP Silica.

Mesoporous silica gels like Syloid® XDP Silica - with high pore volume and high density - can convert sticky and wet extracts into free flowing powders which can then be formulated into capsules or tablets.

Glatt Pharmaceutical Services, with sites in both Germany and the US, is an experienced company which utilises a wide range of formulation technologies. The company's focus is on solid dosage forms and multi-particular systems. Glatt Pharmaceutical Services is EU-GMP certified and FDA approved to handle controlled substances.

Syloid® XDP Silica has been specifically engineered to be an optimised carrier for oily liquids that are difficult to handle. The increased density ensures the loaded powder delivers large amounts of liquid in the final tablet or capsule dosage form. Syloid® XDP Silica can be effectively utilised to easily create tablets from viscous natural ingredients.

Using Glatt's technology platform, Creso Pharma will develop the innovative formulation by mixing the high grade full plant CBD oily extract with Syloid® XDP Silica to create free flowing powder. The free flowing powder will then be placed in tablets - after full optimisation of bioavailability and absorption.