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INNutri (Starch-based Soft GumsTM)

INNutri Soft Gums™ is an innovative proprietary cutting-edge oral dissolvable dosage form which allows the development of filled and unfilled Soft Gums. It combines a flavoured elastic outer shell and a liquid core centre.

The flavoured elastic outer shell consists of SuperStarch®, glucose/sugar syrup, flavours and colours. The liquid core centre can be filled with liquids or suspensions between 10 and 20%. INNutri Soft Gums™ can be sugared or sugar-free.

INNutri Soft Gums™ are manufactured by using patent-protected Low Temperature Mogul Technology (LTM). The LTM process unit prepares the casting mass at room temperature which is then ready to be used in the standard mogul plant. The standard mogul plant produces either 'mono' or 'liquid centre filled' Soft Gums™. A 'Cleaning in Place' system cleans the LTM process unit effectively and efficiently.

INNutri Soft Gums™ have unique advantages over the competition, including the following: they are easy to ingest, 60% cheaper than the gelatine capsules, come in a choice of flavours, have non-sticky texture compared to other vegetarian products (starch, pectin), and are Vegan, Halal and Kosher attuned.

INNutri Soft Gums™ are suited for both geriatric and paediatric use.