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Veterinary Market

With the recent shift towards veterinary homeopathic pet foods and treatments, statistics indicate that 41% of pet owners have considered or tried alternative therapies including nutritional supplements (29%), herbal remedies (7%) and homeopathy (4%).

Veterinary healthcare market represents an attractive opportunity for Creso Pharma: it is estimated to be worth US$ 39.7 billion globally in 2021. Europe accounted for US$ 8.37 billion in 2016 and is forecast to grow to US$ 11.41 billion by 2021.

Creso Pharma aims to capture a leading share of the global pet care market, beginning with Europe, with its hemp derived nutraceuticals and a leading market share of the animal health market worldwide.

Currently, the number of treatment options available to veterinarians is limited and those that are available are often just inadequately adapted human therapeutics. As a result, many chronic conditions in pets remain poorly treated. This presents an excellent opportunity for hemp based nutraceutical products.

Creso Pharma’s veterinary products will target a range of conditions including behavioural-based disorders (such as anxiety linked to separation, loud noise, travel and crowds), pain (acute, chronic), inflammation, arthritis, allergic skin reactions and metabolic conditions such as diabetes.

Creso Pharma products will allow pet owners to manage the health and in particular chronic conditions of their pets in an efficacious, safe and cost effective way.

Creso Pharma will develop and commercialise CBD Nutraceutical products specifically adapted to the Veterinary market targeting:

  • Behavioural-based disorders (alleviate anxiety, aggression, noise phobias)
  • Pain relief (acute and chronic)
  • Inflammation, arthritis, allergic skin reactions
  • Metabolic conditions such as diabetes