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Hemp Industries

Hemp Industries is a daughter company of Creso Pharma Limited. It has been in business since 2013.

This division of the Creso Pharma controls an existing hemp-growing operation based in Slovakia and sells its ‘CBDium’ and THC-free 'diCBDium' products, as well as hemp seed oil and hemp proteins, to the European market. Creso Pharma will seek to expand into other markets as medical cannabis further legalised.

Creso Pharma owns 100% of Hemp Industries. Through this strategic acquisition, Creso Pharma is generating early revenues.

Hemp Industries will also act as a source of ingredients for some of Creso Pharma’s products.

Hemp Industries has a number of products in the pipeline, all intended to complement existing revenue generating products, including Hemp Seed Oil, CBDium drops and diCBDium drops (available in different concentrations in CBD).

Hemp Industries Products