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Vision and Strategy

Creso Pharma’s strategy is to develop, register, and globally commercialise pharmaceutical-grade cannabis- and hemp-derived products and treatments, according to the highest GMP quality standards.

Through safe, CBD-rich therapeutic products that are unique in composition, standardised in formulation and dose, and administered by proprietary delivery technologies enhancing bioavailability and absorption, Creso Pharma can deliver patented proprietary novel therapeutics for humans and pets.

Creso Pharma’s therapeutic Nutraceuticals and Medical Cannabis products enable efficient, standardised and safe therapeutic options for various human and pet medical conditions, delivered to the highest Swiss standard for efficacy, safety, quality, and consistency.

Creso Pharma’s Intellectual Property and marketing strategy will help to identify global areas of interest and opportunities related to the company’s line of activity: Creso Pharma’s formulations, delivery platforms, and the therapeutic uses of the company’s cannabinoid-rich products.